Fingerstyle ukulele cover of (To) Make You Feel My Love

In honor of Saint Valentine’s Day this week I decided to post this video of an arrangement and performance of the classic Bob Dylan song To Make You Feel My Love (ukulele cover)…

To Make You Feel My Love ukulele arrangement and performance is the subject of today’s post. This song was originally written by Bob Dylan and available on his 1997 album Time Out of Mind*; This song has been covered by many different artists in the past 20 years since it has been released. Some of the most famous versions have been Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood both released cover versions of the song in 1998, both of which appeared on the soundtrack for the movie Hope Floats, and more recently Adele released a cover of the classic song in 2008 on her studio debut album “19”. Here is my fingerstyle ukulele cover version of Bob Dylan’s classic Make You Feel My Love…

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